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Fannie Godmother

How did the store start?

Life is funny sometimes. Flashback 10 years ago. I was a fashion editor/writer for a major magazine until they decided to lay everyone off. STRESSFUL! The last thing you want to hear when that happens is that one door closes and another one opens, but I’m here to tell you it does! The door might feel a little jammed at the beginning, but with hope, patience, a positive attitude and a little kick, it can open wider than you ever imagined. Truth is, I never really liked where I worked (translation: I had that empowering dream of standing on a chair in the middle of the newsroom with a megaphone screaming out I’m outta here people!) but quit? Not with three kids. But I digress…

After reassuring my kids I would figure everything out, I went on a million job interviews for positions I prayed I didn’t get. Then one magical morning I passed a garage sale and the nice woman there told me I had a good eye and asked if I had a store. “A store?” I laughed. “I don’t really even like to shop.” I’ll never forget her looking me straight in the eye and saying that she had a store that closed and the space is empty and that I should look at it. She called the landlord, I met him over there and signed a lease. Did I mention that I was still in pajamas at the time?

I basically had no money, no experience and absolutely no idea what I was doing but it felt right. I brought in all kinds of great random vintage things I had or people gave me and took some of the money I had from selling everything I owned when I lost my job, put up a sign and started a new life!

Please note that’s how Fannie’s started. We transitioned out of vintage into new merchandise several years ago and just maintain a cozy corner for our vintage shoppers.



  1. Deborah Tremblay

    Dear Fannie,
    Many years ago when you started your journey and took over the store from Karen and Johnny on Wiles Road,I was one of your first customers,as we both have the same interests,I remember always picking up something and you would say, I just got that and not sure if I want to sell it because I love it so much…if you can recall, I worked for Hertz Jewelers as the manager, I always felt the same way about my finds…before I left Fla when you first opened your new store I would visit and buy your Tyler candles,watching you take your journey to one that some dream of having…I have since moved to NY and changed my career of thirty years to that of a nurse.I wanted to take a minute to say hello, I buy and sell antiques on the weekends in the Hamptons and still till this day as you, long ago,don’t want to let go of some of my special one of my shows this past summer I met with a woman with whom after a lovely conversation lived in Fla. And happened to be a frequent shopper at your store and expressed how beautiful you store has grown.
    I wish for you the continued success and the next time I visit I will definately take the time to say hello

    Best Regards,
    Deborah Tremblay

  2. Shirley Samansky

    Your website is wonderful and so isthe store. Hope you are well. Best always, Shirley

  3. Sandra Langs

    Hello, from an old friend who could have predicted this kind of magical future for you, so many years ago. It made my day to come across this, and I would love to hear more about it and your life. Cheers to your creativity, you made my day! Love, Sandy

  4. Dear Janna Fanny!

    I love your blog, your store and your philosophy in life. You need to wield your wand high and proud. Yesterday I visited Fanny’s for the first (of many) times! Your staff is warm, inviting and simply awesome! Your store is visually intoxicating, wonderfully whimsical, and marvelously “magical!” I cannot wait to bring my mom, daughter and sister for our next visit.

    Your story is charming and I can relate to these life lessons that bring us closer to our authentic selves! I too was let go of a professional writing job. After the shock wore off, my heart was very achy. So I picked myself up by my high heels, ate a slice or two (not a sliver) of my favorite cake, licked the icing from the corners of my mouth and forged ahead. Now I am happy to report that I am using my vulnerability blended with my resiliency to do what I am passionate about.

    Congratulations on Fannies! You are your grandmom’s legacy! Glad your store was on my list of “finds!” See you on Ladies Night or sooner.

    Warmest Regards,


  5. Bobbie

    What an inspiring story!

    I so enjoy your store and your story is proof that everything happens for a reason!

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